Review & Swatches: Melt Cosmetics Love Sick and Dark Matter Eyeshadow Stacks


If you spend as much time as I do scrolling through Instagram, stalking people’s profiles (mainly beauty bloggers/YouTubers) and watching YouTubers, then these will be a familiar sight! The Melt eyeshadow stacks seemed to be everywhere not too long ago, so when I was sad one day I ordered both eyeshadow stacks, Love Sick and Dark Matter, to try and cheer myself up.

I think the thing that sold most people on these was the unique design of a magnetic stack, which caught my attention too. On using these, I think it’s just a gimmick-y thing though, as I don’t think it serves any purpose and actually makes these more cumbersome to use (at least I think so). I also managed to dig my fingernail into one of the shades the other when trying to pry them apart, which sucked! However, I like that both come with a little mirror. The matte finish is nice, but these get so dirty and are hard to clean which drives me crackers.

I ordered these from Melt’s website and payed for the faster delivery, so my order came to £83 for both. When they arrived two weeks later, I had to pay £25 custom charges, so these were pretty pricey little things. So I expected amazing things, but on first swatch I was so so disappointed. I did my usual swatching technique (quick swirl, one swipe) and there was almost no colour on any of them and most felt quite “rough” and scratchy, when I was expecting super soft shadows. I was so upset by this, I went straight online to looking at their returns policy and everything, but my mum persuaded me to give them a shot on my eyes before I sent them back (which I probably would have done anyway).


When I tried these the next day, I am so pleased to report, they were pretty awesome. I used the Dark Matter stack (the stack above) to start with, and while the shades Blurr and Unseen weren’t super pigmented, the Enigma and Dark Matter shades sold me. I’m not sure why these worked so much better on the lid, but thank god they did! The swatches above are after quite a lot of swirling and many swipes to get to the colour you see, but on the eye these do work better than the swatches! As you can see, Dark Matter is jet black, I’ve honestly never seen a shadow so black. I normally put Blurr all over the lid, Unseen in the crease and Enigma in the outer corner, which maybe a bit of winged liner with Dark Matter if I have time.



The other stack, the Love Sick stack, looked so interesting I had to have it. I was worried that Enigma and Love Sick may look really similar, but Love Sick is a lot more red and is different enough that I didn’t mind having the two. Amelie is a gorgeous colour, although does require some building to get a good colour going. Promiscuous may be my favourite eyeshadow out of the bunch, as it is so gorgeous. It’s almost a duo-chrome colour that looks different colours in the light. When put over Love Sick, it creates a unique look that I love. Fixated is an odd colour and still not sure how to use it! It’s like a cool grey-blue colour unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Super matte and super pigmented, so definitely want to use it some more. The wear time is pretty good on all the shadows but do fade towards the end of the day.

All in all, both these palettes are about £50 each which is so expensive, particularly for four eyeshadows, albeit very large eyeshadows. It is hard to justify the “need” for these, but while I feel that you could find shadows that are better for less, I think it would be hard to find shades that are exactly like these as they are all unique (bar Blurr and Unseen, I feel these are probably easily dupe-able). If you are a makeup lover like me, I would recommend them to a point, but if you’re looking for colours that are pigmented straight out of the blocks and quick/easy to work with, these aren’t for you. I’ve seen the price justified by the size of the pans, but as I’ve never hit pan of any eyeshadow ever, that doesn’t work for me!

Do I regret buying these? Sort of. They’re lovely, but there are better and more pigmented shadows out there for half the price (Makeup Geek springs to mind!).

Have you tried these? What do you think for the “stack” concept?

Thanks for reading!

Alicia x


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