Review: Younique 3D Fiber Lash*


Chances are that when you’ve been on social media, you’ve seen this product being advertised by Younique’s independent representatives. When you see the dramatic before and after pictures, it seems like a good thing to try but I personally never gave it a shot. When Katie, a Younique independent representative,┬ácontacted me about trying it, I said yes as I was so intrigued to see if it worked.

When it arrived I was really impressed with the packaging, as it comes with this sturdy quilted-effect case which feels really high quality. It does smell quite chemically to begin with, like strong plastic but I’ve had this for a couple of weeks or so and the smell has pretty much faded, unless you sniff it on purpose! When you open the case, there are two tubes, a “transplanting gel” and the fibers themselves. It all seemed a bit strange, so I watched a few YouTube videos on how to apply it. At first, I tried it by just applying it to my bare lashes. To do this, all you do is put on a coat of the transplanting gel, which has the same strong plastic-chemically smell as the case, then a coat of the fibers, then another coat of the gel. I’ve been told that the chemical type smell isn’t normal for the case of the mascara, so hopefully if you try it, it won’t have that smell.


As you can see above, the transplanting gel tube looks the same as a normal mascara, but the fibers looks a bit odd. It genuinely looks like a mascara wand with fluff on it! When you apply the fibers to your lashes, it looks like you have fluffy eyelashes but you can see it sticking to the transplanting gel and making your lashes look longer. After the second coat of the gel, you can’t tell that you used a wand of fluff to make your lashes look longer, which is great as that may look a little weird! When I applied it to bare lashes, the whole effect was quite good, but my lashes are so unruly it kind of looked a bit wonky and uneven, as you can see below.


However, as you can tell when added on top of a thin coat of mascara, the results are pretty impressive. I was shocked by how much volume and length it added. I really liked how they looked, although I can understand others might not, which I can totally understand. When applying this mascara, it can get very messy, or at least it was for me, and I managed to get a lot of the transplanting gel and fibers on my face, which were quite hard to shift. But, if you do your eyes first or keep your foundation brush handy, then it should be fine. It also gets a lot easier to apply after a few times of using it.

In regards to longevity, these do shed under the eyes but as I’ve said before on my blog, this happens a lot. I also find that the shedding can fall into my eye and cause havoc with my contacts. On one occasion a fiber got under my contact and caused my eye to stream and stream, to the point I had to remove all my makeup as it was all the way down my face. You can see in the without mascara side that one of the fibers has fallen onto my contact, but I noticed it before it became a problem! However, I got this from time to time with normal eyelashes or just bits of dust so don’t hold that against it if you are a ┬ácontact lense wearer.

All in all, I was actually really impressed with this mascara. Would I wear it every day? Probably not, as it can be quite time consuming getting it to look right, but on those special occasions or nights out, I’ll definitely be reaching for this!

Have you been tempting to try this? Or have you already tried it? Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

Alicia x


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