Review: Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal Wrinkles & Radiance


Prevention is always better than trying to repair something after the fact. That is no more true than with ageing of the skin. While I’m only 23, I’ve started to incorporate anti-ageing products into my skin care routine to diminish the effects of the heartless so and sos that are gravity and tired old skin cells. So when the lovely people at BaoBella sent me an email about trying some new products from Yves Rocher* I was really intrigued.

When these first arrived, they came with a cute little makeup bag, which I totally forgot to include in the picture (typical me). The set I was sent included a day and a night cream. On the website, these are described as:

“Creases and wrinkles are reduced. Skin radiance is revived. Smoothing Day Care is an excellent base for makeup is created thanks to the product’s smoothing texture that hydrates skin throughout the day. At night skin is nourished and restored throughout the night thanks to Smoothing Night Care’s smooth balm texture.”

This sounded right up my street, as I always really struggle with dull looking skin and love making my skin have that glow to it. I also really liked that it said it was a great makeup base, which is awesome as there’s nothing worse than a moisturiser that makes makeup look really weird. The packaging really impressed me, as they came in the lovely glass tubs that looked expensive despite the fact that these are £21 for both.

I really liked the smell of these products, which was a light natural fresh scent. The product felt nice and it didn’t take a lot to moisturise my face. The night cream was a lot thicker than I was expecting, but blended out well. I worried that as these were anti-ageing that they might feel really heavy and rich on my skin, but I didn’t have a problem with this when using these.

I used these for about a week and I noticed one morning that my skin was red and blotchy. It had progressively gotten redder over the week, and was particularly bad that morning. My skin has the tendency to completely freak out over certain things, such as fabric softener which I can’t use as it brings me out in hives. Unfortunately, as a result I had to stop using this, but I found everything else about this product really impressive so thought I’d write the post as this might be something that would agree with your skin.

I would generally recommend these, as this is something that I think would probably work for a lot of people, but if your skin is like mine then I would personally give these a miss. Such a shame! 😦

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Alicia x



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