My Eyebrow Routine

IMG_1525 Filling in my eyebrows has become such a necessary step in my makeup routine that I honestly can’t imagine how I used to leave them au natural! Not only that, but brows have been getting a lot of attention in general in the beauty world. Whether you like a natural look, or a bold brow, brows are super important. Today, I thought I’d share with you how I fill in my brows at the moment. 1) First things first, I comb through my brows using a spoolie so that everything looks a tad neater before I start filling them in. After this, they look like the first picture. I don’t have particularly sparse brows, so I have a pretty good starting point. 2) Next, I use my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Medium Brown on my Zoeva Brow Line brush. The Dip Brow is seriously pigmented stuff and with my previous method with a different brush, it never looked all that natural and could easily go wrong. Something about this brush makes the product come out more even and as it’s a bigger brush, it makes it quicker but doesn’t make it difficult to be precise. With this new brush and using a patting motion rather than brushing it through my brows seems to work quite well. For me, the bit I think looks the most sparse is the top of my brow and the ‘tail’ which is a tad short so that’s what I focus on. IMG_1501 3) Next I give them another brush through to make sure everything looks even. I then fill in any sparse areas before moving on to the next step. 4) I have pretty unruly brows by the end of the day so I need seriously strong brow gel to hold them in place. I’ve found just the product for the job – I Heart Makeup I Tint My Brows in Medium. This stuff is like glue, and makes the hairs stand out against the brow premiered so it looks more natural and like hair, rather than powder. For £1.99, you can’t go wrong! Plus, if I’m running a bit late, just this step can give the brow a polished look in 5 seconds. This process in all only takes a few minutes and finishes off my look. I can’t imagine not doing it now! When taking the pictures for this blog post, I only did one eyebrow and couldn’t believe the difference it made. Hope you enjoyed reading! Are brows important in your daily makeup routine? What products do you swear by? Thanks for reading! Alicia x


6 thoughts on “My Eyebrow Routine

  1. Arianne says:

    brows are definitely important, and I use an eyeshadow. Right now, I’m in the market for finding a new palette – a small one – with a shade that I can use as a brow color. I am currently struggling to find one, so I might just take the plunge and buy a MAC pot.

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