Review and Lip Swatches: I Heart Makeup Lip Lavas


I’m sure most of you reading this post will have heard of Makeup Revolution and their sister brand I Heart Makeup, but basically this is a new-ish brand that makes affordable makeup that are normally dupes of higher end products. The vast majority of the products I have tried from them have been awesome and high quality. Recently, I Heart Makeup has come up with new lip products called Lip Lavas, which are supposed to be dupes for the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks. The boxes these come in are almost identical, even down to the font used. The tubes themselves are also pretty similar, particular when it comes to the applicator which is a sponge tip, the same as the Too Faced ones. I’ve never tried the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks, but I’ve always wanted to try them as they look amazing.

When I was shopping on Makeup Revolution, I saw they had a deal where you could buy all five shades they have for the price of four. As I couldn’t decide what shades I wanted and I’m a lipstick hoarder, I got the set with all five. They arrived (amongst many other things I ordered) and I was really impressed at first. The packaging is lovely and the application seem like a really good idea, although thought it might be hard to get a precise line as I always struggle with that. I was also impressed these come with Vitamin E in them so in theory they moisture your lips whilst you wear them.

IMG_1452 Above you can see swatches on both my arm and my lips for all 5 colours they have. In the swatches, they hadn’t quite finished drying down but they aren’t quite this glossy when they have dried, but still had a sheen to them. From a distance, these look alright, yes? However, if you get a really close look or if you saw these in real life it is, unfortunately, a completely different story. I found this to be really patchy and took a hell of a lot of working to get to the finish you see above. The colour doesn’t seem to want to be even and this sinks into the lines on my lips like nothing else I have ever tried before. The lighter colours in particular started to separate and gathered in the inner section of my mouth leaving a weird line and uneven colour.

I desperately wanted to like these, but on the whole these were a pretty massive flop for me. I like a product, particularly a liquid lipstick, to be easy to apply and last a long time as I like quite a low maintenance look. These fulfilled neither of these criteria, as they transferred like crazy and didn’t last through eating whatsoever. These reminded me a lot of the L’Oreal L’Extradoniare Liquid Lipsticks which I also hated, as they weren’t easy to work with and were patchy. But, like the L’Oreal ones, this might be salvageable as a lip gloss, but not a liquid lipstick for me. The only one that was passable as a liquid lipstick was Firestorm, which I have worn a few times around the house but I’m so scared it will get smeared all over my face I haven’t worn it out.

Have you tried these, or the Too Faced equivalent? What were your thoughts?

Sorry for being such a negative nancy, but I thought it better to be honest. Thanks for reading!

Alicia x


7 thoughts on “Review and Lip Swatches: I Heart Makeup Lip Lavas

      • Dorkchops says:

        That’s a shame! 😦 They really do look pretty though, at least you found a better use for them as a gloss! ❤ They would still look so so pretty used that way!

      • LissyBeauty says:

        I think at the minute my lips are so dry, not a lot looks good on them so that might be the reason too. They are really pretty though so don’t mind playing about with them.

        Alicia x

      • Dorkchops says:

        Oh I see! It’s definitely almost impossible to get liquid lipsticks to work on dry lips! 😦 That’s the bad thing about them! And I feel that lip balm makes them slip too so there’s no way around it. 😦 Hehe but yep they are so pretty so I can see why you can put in the little extra effort to make them work! 🙂 xx

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