23 Reasons 23 Will Be The Absolute Best Year Of My Life


A couple of weeks ago as I was browsing the internet like I do, and I came across this post called “23 Reasons Why 23 Is Absolutely The Worst Year of Your Life” on Elite Daily. When this post goes live, it will be my 23rd birthday (Happy Birthday, future me!), so you can imagine when I saw that post, I was a bit like “Oh, great, that’s cheery!”. I know that post was meant in a tongue-in-cheek way, but it got me thinking about what things I’m going to “change” this year to make it better than the last so I can look back on my next birthday with a smile on my face, rather than agreeing with the post on EliteDaily.

  1. I’ve finally figured out what I want to do with my life.
  2. And I’m young enough to make that change with my career (not that you’re ever too old for a career change).
  3. And I’ve gained so many transferrable skills that I can take with me to my new job.
  4. I have a nice car that I can’t wait to drive.
  5. And this will be the year that I will pass my driving test and finally be able to drive it.
  6. I will make a promise to myself to save more money.
  7. I’ll focus on what I want for myself.
  8. I’ll worry less about what others think.
  9. I enter my 23rd year with no debt (other than my student loans).
  10. I have the support of my family.
  11. I have the confidence to be able to go out and get what I want.
  12. I’ve found out which people in my life are worth it.
  13. And those who aren’t.
  14. I have my blog which also puts a smile on my face.
  15. As well as everyone that reads my blog (you lovely lot)!
  16. I finally acknowledge the strength I had to make it through my degree.
  17. And come out of it with a good grade.
  18. I will work on making myself less anxious around people.
  19. I will not put myself down or think I’m not good enough.
  20. And if I find someone better at something than myself, I will learn from them and improveย myself.
  21. I will try and go out and experience things, rather than spend my money on things I don’t need.
  22. I won’t allow myself to stew and ruminate on negative things.
  23. But most of all, I will do what makes me happy!

That’s it for this post. It felt a bit like a New Year’s resolution post but a bit very late, but after reading the post on Elite Daily, this felt like something I would enjoy writing so I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Thanks for reading!

Alicia x


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