Review: Marc Jacobs Skyliner Seven-Piece Petite Highliner Collection



I mentioned this in my Christmas Haul as the cheeky little present I bought myself. This beautiful set caught my eye whilst I was browsing the Sephora website whilst at work (hey, there’s only so long you can focus on reports)! This set includes mini versions of the five best selling waterproof Highliner Gel eye crayons and two exclusives to the set. These seven pencils are kept in a lovely sleek black case which looks great, but is a bit flimsy in terms of keeping shut, so not great at storing things in. It retails for $45, which for us Brits works out at about £51 when you take into account the tax and shipping. It seems quite steep, but for seven eyeliners, it’s actually not too bad price wise.

I was so happy when this arrived as it looked exactly like I’d hoped. Marc Jacobs packaging is always so sleek and these pencils feel so well made. The variety of colours you get in this is great. You get a deep-olive green colour, O(vert) which has a slight shimmer to it but the pigmentation is great and doesn’t pull the skin. The colour below is with one swipe, the same for all the swatches below apart from two, but I’ll get to those. The next colour is Brown(out) which is a lovely bronze colour with a shimmer to it. I’ve used this a few times and the colour and lasting power is absolutely awesome.

The next colour is Sunset which is a orangey colour with shimmer to it which is one of the exclusives in this set. This is one that I sort of look at and think “How/When would I use this?” as it’s such an unusual colour, but is really pretty. The next is Midnight in Paris described as a inky indigo blue, which is another exclusive to this set. I love this colour, but is one that takes a bit of building to get the desired colour, not as creamy as the others but lasts really well. The next colour is Th(Ink) a navy with shimmer, although this is one where it takes some building to get to the colour below and can drag on the skin slightly. The last time also isn’t quite as good as the others, but still lasts for 7+ hours which is pretty good!


O(vert), Brown(out), Sunset, Midnight in Paris, Th(Ink), (Plum)age, and Blacquer.

The next one is (Plum)age which is this gorgeous purple colour, which again takes some building up to the colour you see below but it’s so worth it for this colour. Again, this isn’t one I’d wear everyday but for the times you do use it, it’ll be worth it! And last, but certainly not least, Blacquer which is a deep black. The pigmentation on this is absolutely fantastic, honestly. It’s so creamy and applies so easily to the eyes – can’t recommend this colour enough! Plus, although it’s creamy, when it’s on, it’s on. Like all the colours actually, this takes some real strong cleansers to properly remove.

In line with the last statement, you can’t really use these as all over lid colours and blend out as they dry so quickly, it doesn’t work out. For me, this is initially what I hoped to use these for, but I wasn’t disappointed that I couldn’t do that as they were such good eyeliners. Do I think this set is worth it? On the whole, yes as you get so many different colour choices and for a pretty reasonable price for a high quality product. The lasting power and pigmentation is great, and just look at it – just look! £50 might be too steep for some people, so if you just wanted to try one of these eye liners, I would highly recommend Blacquer.

Have you tried this? What eyeliners are your holy grail?

Thanks for reading!

Alicia x


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