Yves Rocher Review

IMG_1296I love trying out new brands, so when the lovely people at Baobella sent me an email asking if I wanted to try some Yves Rocher products*, I couldn’t resist! I was sent the Organic Oats Creme Fondant Body Cream, Anti-Fatigue Iced Gel, Arnica Hand Cream and a Coconut Fizzy Bath Cube. I’ve tried them for a few weeks, so I’m going to give you my honest opinion on these products.

Organic Oats Creme Fondant Body Cream

From the list, I was most excited to try this as it sounded really luxurious and moisturising. On the Yves Rocher UK website it is described as:

“Nourishing and deliciously perfumed with organic oats, this melt-in body cream brings incomparable suppleness and softness to the skin, veiling it with lusciousness.”

Sounds pretty lovely, doesn’t it? First things first, I really like the packaging. It’s in a lovely tub which a pretty cool clasp thing (fabulous description). The second thing I noticed is the smell, which I can’t really describe other than… a bit old lady? That probably doesn’t sound all that appealing, but it wasn’t off-putting at all. It was probably the Shea Butter in it, which I’m not a fan of the smell of, but that’s just me! However, despite the smell, this body cream does my favourite thing ever – it doesn’t take an age to dry! There’s nothing worse than standing about waiting for body cream to dry. It left my skin feeling really soft and the smell didn’t hang around which is a plus for me. I can see this lasting me a long time as you don’t need a lot of it. Big fan!

Anti-Fatigue Iced Gel

This was definitely a weird one, but this is a gel for heavy legs and feet. On the website, it is described as:

Instantly soothes heavy-feeling legs and feets

This icy gel instantly soothes heavy-feeling legs and feet.

Its plants :
– Organic lavender essential oil for the well-being and comfort of your feet
– And refreshing peppermint essential oil.

Apply 2 times per day on your feet and massage upwards on legs.”

It’s a really interesting concept, like nothing I’d heard of before. I used it when I got sent the package and the smell is actually quite nice, definitely refreshing. It’s a mix of a menthol type smell and lavender. I know some might not like that, but when it comes to something to revive tired legs, it’s perfect! It actually does a pretty good job and absorbs really quickly. I wish I had this when I used to do 12.5 hour shifts, it would have been a life saver!

Arnica Hand Cream

I love a good hand cream. Due to where I work, I have to wash my hands lots of times a day, so a hand cream is absolutely essential for me. On the website, this is described as:

Your hands are thirsty for moisture every day.

Just like your face, your hands are highly exposed. Protect them by moisturizing them all year long. This daily moisturizing cream also has a long-lasting effect!”

Like body creams, my absolutely pet peeve about hand creams is ones that take forever to dry. I’m really impatient when it comes to any product on my hands, such as nail polish as it can take forever to dry and I get finger prints and smudges on it. Absolutely nightmare! What I love about this hand cream is it dries so quickly. It doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy either. My hands are left feeling soft even after a few hand washes with strong hand soap. My one issue with this is the smell. This product has rape seed oil in it, and I can’t stand the smell of it. Luckily, like the body cream, the smell doesn’t hang about as within 5 minutes or so I can only smell it if I sniff my hands (which I don’t do!). After 30 minutes, the smell is completely gone.

Coconut Fizzy Bath Cube

When I first smelt this bath cube through the packaging I was completely in love. Anything with coconut in it is a massive plus for me. On the website, this is described as:

“The pleasure of a fizzy bath with luscious coconut

This fizzy bath cube dissolves in water into a multitude of tiny perfumed bubbles that burst on your skin. Your bath smells wonderful, you melt with pleasure… ”

It sounds wonderful. However, I can’t put into words how much I hate baths. I tried to bring myself to use this but as it currently stands I still haven’t used it. I’m going to get my sister to try it for me, who loves having baths particularly with a Lush bath bomb so I’ll report back. However, if you love baths and coconut, this sounds like it would be absolute heaven for you!

That’s it for the review of the products I was very kindly sent. As always, these are my honest thoughts, and I would happily repurchase the body cream and the hand cream. What products have you tried from Yves Rocher?

Thanks for reading!

Alicia x



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