Makeup Revolution Pro Fix vs ELF Makeup Mist and Set


I love a makeup setting spray, particular when I wear a powder but don’t want my makeup to look ‘powdery’. So, I’m comparing one of my favourites, ELF Makeup Mist and Set, with a new contender, Makeup Revolution Pro Fix. Hope you enjoy!

Let’s compare the packaging to start with. I much prefer the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix’s packaging, as it looks really sleek, whilst the ELF looks a bit cheap. However, I couldn’t get the spray to work for ages on the Pro Fix. It took a couple of days for anything to come out, which was quite disappointing to be honest! No such problems with the ELF, though. You get a long more product with the Makeup Revolution (100ml) compared to ELF (60ml), and it’s not much more expensive (if you can get it to work!).

Onto the important stuff; how it works! The ELF one comes out as a really fine mist which makes me feel like my whole face has been sealed in place. It can be a odd experience at first, as it feels like your face is all wet, but once it dries you’re all good to go. When I look the mirror after applying it, it looks a lot more natural and it stays all day without shifting. When I use the Pro Fix, it comes out in blobs that I have to try and spread out over my face as left to their own devices they separate my makeup and leave me with weird patches. I can’t say I notice any difference using this product to be honest, but that might be because it has only made it to small parts of my face! As no spray came out of the bottle, I have a feeling I may have got a bit of a dud that is never going to work properly, but I’ll be honest and say I won’t be repurchasing to find out. The ELF remains my holy grail at the moment, but I will be trying other products, as I always am!

That’s it for my quick little review. What are your favourite make up setting sprays?

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Pro Fix vs ELF Makeup Mist and Set

  1. Kaitlin A. says:

    I’ve noted that the ELF setting spray is made in China, which I wouldn’t recommend on using (especially on your face!). Be careful in choosing beauty products with the “Made in R.O.C” republic in china label since their health and regulation standards aren’t the best!! 😉

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