My Skincare Routine


My skincare has changed almost completely from when I started blogging. However, I’m glad it has, as I’m really happy with my current routine. I thought I’d run you guys through my current skincare routine. I hope you enjoy!

Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil

This is what I start with when I get home from work. This just gets rid of the majority of makeup. It smells awesome and breaks through even waterproof mascara. My skin feels lovely and soft after using this.

Lush Dark Angels Cleanser

Before I started wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear, I only used one cleanser, but I found that it stuck to the skin so much that it required two cleansers to actually shift it. Before using two cleansers, it was bringing me out in so many spots, it was horrible. At first I was using the Body Shop Cool and Creamy Tea Tree Cleanser, which was great. I then started to venture into the world of Lush cleansers and was recommend this cleanser by one of the sales assistants. It sounded really strange, but I listened to her advice and am glad I did. This is a charcoal cleanser, which lots of lovely oils in it as well. It’s definitely a very messy cleanser to use, but my skin feels so lovely after I use this and you can tell it’s getting right down into the skin to properly get rid of all your makeup and clean the skin. It’s not too bad price wise either for £6.75 you get a good sized pot and you don’t need much of this at all. My sister has started using it and she has quite bad acne and her skin looks so much better. I’d highly recommend it!

Lush Eau Roma Water

I spoke about this in my December favourites, but I was looking for a toner that wouldn’t strip my skin, and from the ingredients (mainly rose and lavender water) it sounded like this would do the trick. I also thought it would help with hyper pigmentation due to the rose water. This toner leaves me skin feeling really moisturised and doesn’t feel tight after using it like my previous toner. If you’re on the hunt for a moisturising toner, I’d highly recommend this, too!

Lush Celestial Moisturiser

Are you detecting a favourite new skincare brand? Haha. I’d never really used Lush skincare before, but after the toner I had to do some exploration of their products. This is the most recent addition and this stuff is so so lovely. It smells great and leaves my skin feeling really moisturised all day, which is normally quite rare for my skin. I couldn’t recommend Lush products enough, so if you’re on the hunt for some new products, definitely have a little look.

Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Even after my trusted skincare routine, an occasional little spot might rear it’s ugly head, but never fear! This is an absolute skin saver. This reduces the redness and size of my spots overnight.

That’s it for my skincare routine. What skincare products do you swear by?

Thanks for reading!

Alicia x


2 thoughts on “My Skincare Routine

  1. Beth says:

    I love Lush products, I’ve been using their Ultrabland cleanser a lot recently. I swear by the tea tree oil too, it’s so good for treating spots! Lovely post 🙂 xx


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