Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow vs Soap and Glory Brow Archery


I bought Soap and Glory’s Brow Archery and loved it. When I saw Makeup Revolution had done a similar product, I definitely wanted to try it out. In today’s post I thought I’d compare the two and give you my thoughts!


First things first, the packaging on these products are both really nice. Both are sleek and look more expensive than they are, which is a plus. I’d say the Ultra Brow just nudges ahead slightly, as I think the black and gold looks great. Another plus for the Ultra Brow is that it comes in many different shades, from which I got the ‘Dark’ shade, whereas the Brow Archery only has two shades, from which I got the “Brownie Points”. The products both have the same idea, as at one end there is a pencil, and on the other a felt tip. On the Brow Archery, it’s quite a liquidy felt tip end and is a not as stiff (heh heh) as the Ultra Brow felt tip end. However, I find it’s a bit easier to get colour out of the Brow Archery and as a result is a bit quick to use. As the felt tip end is a bit softer, it can be a bit more difficult to get a clean edge, whereas with the Ultra Brow it’s easier, but with a steady hand it’s not too bad. The pencil end for both these products are quite pigmented, but as you’ll see on the swatches above, the Ultra Brow is considerably darker. As a result, I have to be a lot lighter in my movements with this product. I think this is more because I got the ‘wrong’ shade, although I’m able to make this product work for me.


As you can see from the pictures above, the Ultra Brow blends into my own brow hair colour than the Brow Archery, but as a result creates a more dramatic look I think. The wear time is also the same as my brows look as good at the end of the day as they did when I walk out of the house using either of these.Β All in all, I’d say it’s pretty close with these two products. If I had a similar colour with the Ultra Brow, such as the medium shade rather than the Dark Shade, I think it would be incredibly difficult to tell the difference between these products. Honestly, I think Makeup Revolution really pulled it out of the bag with this dupe, so if you were thinking of trying the Soap and Glory Brow Archery, I’d give this a shot too.

Have you tried either of these products? What were your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

Alicia x


7 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow vs Soap and Glory Brow Archery

  1. Euhnella says:

    I’m using the Ultra Brow atm – I didn’t realise it was a dupe for the Soap&Glory! I am really loving the dual ends of this product. Like once you get the hang of how you want your brows to be, it’s so easy to apply in the mornings. I certainly prefer felt tips to eyebrow powders!

    Euhnella x

    • LissyBeauty says:

      I didn’t even think of it til I was debating which to use in the morning – hard choice! The dual ends are great, aren’t they? Don’t know what I did without a felt tip brow product! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for reading!
      Alicia x

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