Makeup Revolution Wishlist

Makeup Revolution WishlistI placed a Makeup Revolution order a few months ago and loved nearly everything I bought. I vowed to buy more things, but at the moment, I’m trying to curb my spending so thought I’d make a wishlist of things I want to buy for when I can go spending again!

Blush Sticks in Matte Pink, Matte Rush, Rush and Malibu £5

I’ve seen swatches of these blush sticks and they look absolutely lovely. The shade Rush is apparently a dupe for the NARS Multiple in Orgasm, which is something I have on my wishlist, but this one is a fraction of the price! I know four of these may seem a bit steep, but for only £5, that’s okay, right?

Iconic 2 and 3 £4

I’ve heard these two little palettes are dupes for the Naked 2 and Naked 3, which are two palettes I’ve desperately wanted, but are quite pricey. So, for £4, these two will be making it into my collection sooner rather than later!

I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette £7.99

This is another reported dupe, this time for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Palette, which looks absolutely amazing. There are some really unique shades in this palette and it needs to be in my life. The packaging is also really cute, and apparently it smells of chocolate. Win win!

I Heart Makeup I Heart Definition Fair £4.99

I’ve seen swatches of this little palette, and it looks great. The blush is a lovely colour and the bronzer looks great. The highlighter looks a tad sparkly, but I’m sure with a light hand, it’d be fine!

I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts in Peachy Keen £4.99

The packaging on these Blushing Hearts are seriously adorable, and the product itself looks so pretty. And, you can never have enough blushers.

Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Antibacterial Brush Cleaner £5

At the minute, I just use hand soap to wash my brushes, so having an actual brush cleaner will be a luxury. For only £5, you can’t really go wrong and I’ve heard good things about this cleanser.

I Heart Makeup I Heart My Lips in Heart Attack £2.49

Makeup Revolution lipsticks are awesome, but I’ve never tried this range. I saw this colour Heart Attack and it looked so pretty that for £2.49 it had to be on the wishlist!

Brow Dual Ultra Brow Arch Shape Dark £3.50

My love for eyebrow products is no secret, so when I saw these new eyebrow pencils on the website, I knew that I want them. They remind me of the Soap and Glory Brow Archery that I love so much, so thought I’d see how this one measured up!

Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in Rebel £3

I loved the Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer I bought last time, that when I saw this beautiful shade on the website, that reminded me of the Rebel with Cause lipstick, I really really wanted it, so it’s been added to the wishlist!

That’s it for the wishlist. I could have probably go on and on about the products I want, but here are the ones that are top of the list at the moment.

Let me know what’s on your wishlist too.

Thanks for reading!

Alicia x


2 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Wishlist

    • LissyBeauty says:

      I think they do, I saw they ship internationally so might be worth a little look. Think the shipping might be quite a bit, but you can get a quote before you checkout. 🙂

      Thanks for reading!
      Alicia x

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