Soap and Glory Haul

image All I know is, is that I need to pass my driving test as wondering around the town centre waiting for my bus is dangerous for my bank account! I’ve been shopping (again) and saw that Soap and Glory was 3 for 2 so thought I’d treat myself. I bought three products: the Kickass Concealer, Brow Archery and Super Cat.


I’ve had my eye on this for so long and finally have my hands on it! I have a bit of a complex about my dark eye bags so anything that can reduce the baggage that is good to me. I used this the day after I bought it, both the undereye one and the ‘normal’ concealer, and used the powder it comes with on top of it to set it. It looked so dodgy a few hours later, almost like I had scaly lizard skin, which was really attractive (not). I’ve used it since without the powder and only the under eye concealer and I love it. It works miracles on my eye bags and it didn’t go all weird when I left out the powder.


I’ve been loving my liquid liner recently and thought I’d try the Super Cat liner as I’d heard some great reviews about it. I tried it on the back of my hand and it took ages to shift it! I’ve used it the past few days and I’ve really enjoyed using it. It’s really easy to use and I can do a pretty good winged liner, which I think says something! It is super black and lasts all day, which on my oily eyelids is no mean feat. I also got the Brow Archery, which has been recommended to me on a few occasions. I’ve never seen a brow pencil with a felt tip type end and was really curious about it. It’s taken a bit of getting used to, but I love it so far. I thought the shade might be too light, but I haven’t noticed any issues with it, so I think it would suit a wide variety of brow colours. The brow felt tip end doesn’t shift for anything, which is great for longevity of the brows! I also like the pencil end, and together they create a natural and defined brow that lasts all day. I’ve been super impressed with it.

So, that’s it for another haul! I hope you enjoyed.

Have you tried these products? What Soap and Glory products do you love?

Thanks for reading!

Alicia x


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