My Favourite Blogging Apps

Since I got my iPad, it’s almost become an extension of my body. This has never been more true since I started blogging. If I don’t have my iPad with me, I have my iPhone with the same apps on it. I find these apps help me keep organised, help me come up with ideas for posts and make the social networking side of blogging easier. In the post, I’m going to outline which apps are my favourites. One isn’t actually an app, it’s a website, but it deserves an honourable mention! Oh, and all of these are free, although some have pro versions, but I’ve stuck with the free ones as they’re awesome anyway.

1. InkFlow


This is a great little app that allows you to create little mind maps and inspiration boards. I find this helpful if I need some inspiration for posts. I put in all the pictures of things I like and it seems to help with blog posts. This is available on both the iPad and the iPhone, so it can come on the go with me.

2. WordPress


This is probably sort of an obvious choice considering I blog on WordPress, but this a useful app to post blog posts on the go, and it was what I used almost exclusively until recently, now I use my laptop to blog on occasion. It’s easy to use and you can do almost everything from it, except do any admin stuff, but it opens up in a safari page from the app.

3. Bloglovin


I love my Bloglovin app. You can read blog posts on here and update settings. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t update follower numbers for ages and then it’s normally not right when it does update! But that’s a small thing really. Also, if you use this app, turn the mobile view off so it brings up the website rather than a weird little window. It means you can comment as well, as you can’t in the mobile view.

4. PixlrExpress

IMG_0367.PNGThis is what I use to edit pictures on my iPad and iPhone. You can use it to make collages, like I do with swatches and whatnot, and it has some great effects on it. Some are a bit pants, but you can just ignore those if you want!

5. Hootsuite


I like using this to schedule my tweets and facebook posts. It’s great at keeping up to date with social networking which can be difficult sometimes. You can manage multiple social networks and post to multiple ones at the same time.

6. Twitter

IMG_0359.PNGΒ The main social networking website I use is Twitter. I just find it easier to use than others, such as Facebook. The Twitter app is pretty good, it can miss some tweets out during chats, but I can deal with that!

7. Seo-Tool


Now SEO is something that does confuse me. This app has sort of helped. You type in your website address and it gives you info about how well your website uses SEO. It’s really good to see where you can improve and this app gives you some advice on how to improve it. A good website I found, WooRank, does the same thing but you only get 10 free goes at it, then you have to pay Β£30 a month, which is pretty cray tbh.

8. SocialBro


SocialBro is a website I stumbled on when you can find out all about your social networking. It shows you who doesn’t follow you back, how many influential people follow you and what the best time to tweet is. It’s really interesting to see, particular the best times to tweet, which can be exported to HootSuite so you know when’s best to schedule your tweets. There are loads of Pro features to, if you wanted to pay, but the free version is good enough for me! There’s not an app for this at the moment, but apparently there is one in development.

Let me know what you’re favourite apps are!

Alicia x


12 thoughts on “My Favourite Blogging Apps

  1. Jessica says:

    what a great post! I sure learned about a lot of new apps, excited to try out SocialBro and PixlrExpress πŸ™‚ My favorite apps are just twitter and bloglovin, I use wordpress if I HAVE to (like if I don’t have my laptop near me) anyways, great post!! πŸ™‚


  2. Arianne says:

    Bloglovin and Twitter are my faves too.. I don’t quite know how to use Pixlr… I went on there and can’t figure anything out… it’s like similar to Photoshop isn’t it? One day, I will learn PhotoShop…

    • LissyBeauty says:

      To be honest, I just use the collage part of it and maybe the colour adjustment. I sort of ignore everything else, haha! I used to use photoshop all the time, but my iMac broke. 😦 gutted!

      Thanks for reading!
      Alicia x

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