Review: Aveeno Hand Cream


In my job, you have to wash your hands a lot. The soap they have at work is pretty harsh stuff and since working here, I’ve ended up with quite dry hands, which isn’t nice. So when a hand cream says it lasts through hand washing, I’m sold. That’s what the Aveeno Active Naturals Hand Cream with Colloidal Oatmeal claims to do. According to Aveeno, it forms a “protective glove” over your hands that lasts through hand washing and moisturises for 24 hours. It sounded pretty awesome, so I thought I’d give it a go.

The packaging, I think, is quite nice. It’s simple, clean and has a nice colour scheme to it. It’s your typical squeezey plastic bottle with a cap, which is great as you don’t squeeze out too much and the cap means you don’t get it all over the inside of your bag. When I first applied this to my hands, I noticed the smell. I can’t think of a way to describe it other than it smells a bit like porridge, which I guess you might expect! However, it’s got this weird other smell to it as well, but the smell all in all isn’t too bad. Not my favourite, but not as bad a rose smelling products (controversial, I know)!

On to the product itself now, the texture when you first apply it is really nice. It’s very smooth and isn’t sticky or greasy like some hand creams. It dries quickly, which is awesome. But this is where my issue with this hand cream lies. The “protective glove” that forms over your hands flakes off if you rub your hand together. If you spend too long trying to rub it in, you end up with little lumps of product just falling off your hand. Also, if you wear dark clothes like I almost always do at work, it leaves a white powder behind on your clothes if you happen to so much as brush your hand against them. I’ve used this product for a few weeks now, and no matter how much I apply, it just doesn’t stop leaving this powder behind. I also don’t personally think it holds up to its claim of lasting through hand washing and I don’t find it all that moisturising (but maybe that’s because it has all come off in lumps)!

Aveeno promised me so much, but alas, it was not meant to be!

Let me know if you’ve tried it and what your thoughts were. Also, any hand cream recommendations would be much appreciated!

Alicia x


9 thoughts on “Review: Aveeno Hand Cream

  1. Beth says:

    Such a shame this doesn’t work! Soap & Glory’s Hand Food is my favourite hand cream, and I think they’ve recently brought out a more intensive version? xx

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