Living Well One Line A Day Update #1


So I thought twice monthly updates on this little project I’m doing would be a good idea. If you haven’t see my post about this little book I’ve found, read it here. In short, every day for five years, you sit and write something good that happened in your day, or something that made you smile, or something you learnt. So, I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks now and it’s been really nice to do. Some days it’s been hard to think of something, not gonna lie, but it has put a smile on my face before I go to sleep. Some of the things I’ve put aren’t necessarily groundbreaking or amazing, but they’ve been good things in my day and that’s the whole point! Below I’ve written out what I’ve written in my little book. Hope you enjoy!

July 26th I got nominated for a Liebster Award on my blog and reached 100 twitter followers.

July 27th I had the most visitors, most views and most comments ever on my blog today.

July 28th First day of my new job and everyone made me feel really welcome.

July 29th I was finally able to be some use today at work.

July 30th People have been sending me lots of lovely tweets about my blog today!

July 31st I was able to have a chat with my mum about things I’d been bottling up.

August 1st I noticed today I walked into work and was confident in doing so.

August 2nd I got to spend the morning with my mum on our own which doesn’t happen often.

August 3rd I went for a drive and noticed how far I’d come since the first lesson.

August 4th I had a really good driving lesson that made me feel less anxious about my test.

August 5th Granny’s 70th birthday – it was lovely seeing her so happy!

August 6th I was unwell but sat in the lounge relaxing watching TV – really chilled!

August 7th I went back to my old work place to drop stuff off and everyone seemed excited to see me again.

August 8th I went to the pub with my friends and laughed so much my cheeks hurt!

August 9th My brother fraped my sister and it was really funny seeing her reaction (she wasn’t too impressed!).

Like I said, some of them aren’t big things, but it’s been nice to sit and think of good things before you go to sleep.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and I’ll do another post in two weeks! 🙂

What good things have happened to you in the last two weeks?

Alicia x


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