A Mini Fashion Haul!

I started a new job Monday, so this naturally was an excuse to go shopping for some new clothes. I only got a few bits as I didn’t need that much stuff, but I thought I’d share it with you guys anyway. Hope you enjoy!

20140727-183007-66607134.jpgThe first item I got was a new handbag. Now, I know this may seem strange but I didn’t own a black handbag before this one. Handbags just aren’t my thing! However, I needed a black bag and I found this one in Primark for Β£10. It was relatively spacious and looked nice, so it did the job!

The next item was a new pair of shoes. My many other pairs of black shoes were completely worn out by my last job’s long shifts so I thought I’d start anew and get a some more shoes! These were Β£17.99 for New Look. They are super comfy and look really niceΒ on. They’re exactly what I wanted!

The final item was this little bag. I wanted a little bag to carry about a small selection of makeup, such as lipsticks and powder, so that it wasn’t just hanging around in the bottom of my bag. This one was just big enough for what I want it it hold and was only Β£2.99 from H&M. Bargain.

And that was all for my very mini haul. I hope you enjoyed!

Alicia x


12 thoughts on “A Mini Fashion Haul!

  1. Jessica says:

    the shoes are so cute! i carry a little bag in my purse too for lipsticks and stuff, it really helps so you don’t have to be digging all the way at the bottom lol

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