My Top 5 Eyeliners

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When organising through my make up collection the other day, I dawned on me how many eye liners I had. I ended up throwing a few away as I didn’t like them at all so there was no point keeping them, but there were a few standout eyeliners that I love and use on a regular basis. I thought I’d share these eyeliners with you, so hope you enjoy! These are in no particular order either, as I couldn’t decide!

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1. Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner (£5.99)

Before I used this product, the words “Liquid Eyeliner” made me break out into a cold sweat. This is one of those felt tip liners, which I know some people detest, but I actually really enjoyed using it. I think its probably the best sort of applicator for a newbie to liquid eyeliners to use, or at least that’s what I found. It’s super black and it lasts all day. As it has the pointed edge, you can get a really thin line, or build it up into a thicker line. Using this product, even I can do a cat eye look, which is definitely saying something!

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2 and 3. Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Nude and Bronze (£3.99)

This may be cheating putting these a seperate ones, but I’m doing it anyway! I love both these colours, but I get more use out of Nude, as I use it in my waterline every day as it brightens my eyes and makes me look more awake. I wear contact lenses on an almost daily basis and it can make my eyes look a bit bloodshot, but when I use this I don’t notice it. Bronze is a lovely colour too, and has a slight slimmer to it. These are really creamy and once they’re on, they’re on. It takes quite a while to remove these, but that’s a good thing in my book (unless I’m tired and want to go to bed, then it’s a pain in the bum!).

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4. Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Damsel (Between £13-£14 depending where you go)

This came free with the Stila In The Light palette I wrote about a few posts back, and it’s one of the best free things that have come with a palette that I’ve bought. It does exactly what the name suggests, it smudges out (although you have to be quick) and once it’s dried, it is well and truly stuck on. I’d say I use this eyeliner more than the Rimmel Scandaleyes in Bronze, as it’s more of a toned down colour and there’s no glitter. What I love about this also, is that is a twist up product, so you don’t have to sharpen it like you do the Scandaleyes.

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5. Bourjois Effect Smoky Pencil in Smoked Brown (£5.49)

This is one of the first eyeliners I bought and as you can probably tell from the picture, it’s gotten a lot of use! I really enjoy using this pencil, it blends really easily and the pigmentation is awesome. It, unsuprisingly, is a great eyeliner to use when doing a smoky eye, particularly on the lower lash line. The little brush it comes with to blend out the eyeliner isn’t actually too bad, but I normally use another brush to blend it out. Something I didn’t expect was the longevity of this product, it lasts a long time I’d say a good 8 hours. I just had a look on Boots, and they don’t appear to sell this shade, but I’m sure I have seen it in stores recently. If not, it’s available on the Bourjois website and in Superdrug.

And that’s a wrap. Let me know what your favourite eyeliners are and link any posts you’ve done as I’d love to give them a read!

Alicia x


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