Review: Stila In The Light Palette

You may be able to tell that I have an obsession with neutral eye palettes, as this is the third one I have reviewed so far on my blog! The Stila In The Light is the focus today, which retails for £25 on the Feel Unique website. As well as the palette you see above you get a Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Damsel. Below, I have swatches and I give you my thoughts on it.

My first impressions on the product when I got it was that the case is made of cardboard, and that made me think it might not be the best to travel with as it might break easily. However, I have since travelled with it and it has been absolutely fine. My next thought was how much eyeshadow you get with this palette. You get 14.5g, which is pretty good and you also get a full sized Smudge Stick in Damsel (a whole separate review on this will be coming up shortly!).

First Picture: Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset and Sandstone. Second Picture: Bubbly, Gilded Gold, Luster, Night Sky and Ebony.

All these swatches are from one swipe so you can see what the pigmentation is really like. You can build these up to achieve the colour in the pan, which is good. Kitten is one of Stila’s most popular colours and is one my favourite colours, which you can probably tell! All the colours are lovely and creamy, also blend really easily, but I’d say for my personal taste that Night Sky is the only colour that I’ll probably never wear. My only criticism of these eyeshadows is the fall out, which on the more glittery colours is quite bad. However, if you tap your brush before applying, then you should be okay. These shadows are ones I regularly wear on 12.5 hour shifts and while they do crease on me, the last longer than most eyeshadows.

Let me know if you’ve tried this palette and what your thoughts were! Hope you enjoyed this post.

Alicia x


4 thoughts on “Review: Stila In The Light Palette

  1. Laura (@Lelore_) says:

    This is one of my favourite palettes. I always carry mine around with me and it hasn’t damaged yet. The trick with applying these is to really gently push your brush into the pan and not swipe it. I get hardly any fall out by doing this as it applies just the right amount.

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