Review: Sleek Face Contour Kit

20140713-180959-65399477.jpg Sleek is a brand that is known for its highly pigmented blushes, so when I saw this contour palette it definitely caught my eye. I’ve never had a bronzer or face highlighter before, so I thought a 2 in 1 product was a pretty good idea for a first dip in the contouring pond. The kit cost £6.49 which is great for the amount of product you get, and I bought the ‘light’ kit as I’m quite fair. There are only two shades, light and medium? When I swatched the product on the back of my hand, it was highly pigmented and felt creamy (if that makes sense for a powder!).


As you can see from the swatches, the highlight shade is quite a ‘full on’ shade, but if your light handed it can look natural and if your a bit heavy handed, like me, never fear it can be easily blended out! The bronzer is a lovely matte shade that is not orange at all and like the highlight shade it’s easy to blend it out. These shades lasts well also, lasting the whole day even when it’s hot outside. This is a palette I would highly recommend if you are either a newcomer to contouring or for someone looking for a new product to add to their collection.

Sleek have released another version of this palette that contains a blush as well, which has three shades; fair, light and medium. These look lovely and at only £9.99, I will be adding one to my basket next time I’m in Superdrug!

Let me know if you have tried this palette or Sleek’s new version of it and what your thoughts are.

Alicia x


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