My Favourite Healthy Living Apps

Now, I’m not going to claim that I’m the picture of health or that I look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel (although one can dream!), but I try my best to eat and live the best I can. I’ve found that my iPhone and iPad are some of the most helpful things to keep on my (pretty much) straight and narrow. Below, I’m going to let you know what apps I find the most useful and, better yet, all but one are free!

1. Waterlogged

We’ve all heard how drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your health, but keeping a record of how much you drink can be hard. At least, I find it hard anyway! So, I found this really useful little free app called Waterlogged for my iPhone. Every time you record a glass of water or a bottle of water, the little picture of a bottle fills up with water. As you carry on recording throughout the day, the bottle gets fuller and fuller, till you’ve reached your goal. I find this encourages me to drink more, as I like the visual record and it’s satisfying to know you’ve achieved your daily goal. You can also add your own mini goals and set a time of day by which you want to achieve it, so you can spread your fluid intake evenly over the day. I’d really recommend this app if you, like me, forget to drink or don’t drink enough.

2. Seven

You may have already heard of this concept, but this an exercise app where you do 30 seconds of each of the 12 exercises (jumping jacks, squats, wall sit etc) with a 10 second break in between, lasting 7 minutes in total. Doing one of these is completely exhausting as it’s high intensity and is supposedly equal to working for an hour. I normally do 4 circuits and I’m wiped out by the end, but it feels awesome. This app has several different types of circuits you can do, such as full body, upper body and cardio. Full body comes free with the app, the other workouts are £1.49 each. To use this app, you don’t need any equipment other than yourself and a wall. You can take it anywhere as it doesn’t require the internet so I like taking it outside if the weather is nice. There are loads of rewards and achievements as well that you can earn, which I personally really like!

3. MyFitnessPal

20140708-215438-78878157.jpg20140708-215438-78878268.jpgMaking a note of what you eat is one of the best ways (in my opinion) of not eating bad things, as you have to write it down and that’s never nice! This is one of the best apps I have found to record what I eat. You can search online for the food you’ve eaten and most are on there, even food from restaurants! It also records the nutrition value so you can make sure you’re not eating too much sugar or fat, which can make you gain weight even if you eat fewer calories. This app allows you to record the calories you have burnt from exercise so you can ensure you don’t eat too few calories to sustain yourself. Using this app, I’ve lost nearly a stone which is really awesome, especially as there is a little graph monitoring weight loss which has been super motivating!

4. Yoga Studio

20140708-220537-79537111.jpg Yoga is a relatively new discovery for me and I’m so happy I found this app. It cost £2.49 and honestly it’s been worth every penny. There are 65 ready made classes and you can also make your own if you’d like. You can do beginner, intermediate and advanced classes; 15, 30 and 60 minute classes or classes that focus on relaxation, strength, flexibility and balance. They’ve also recently introduced classes for back pain, deep relaxation, yoga for runners and quick fix yoga classes lasting 10 minutes. Once you’ve paid for the app, all this is included. Yoga is great just to clear the mind and if I’ve had a tough day, one of the quick fix classes or the relaxation classes before bed sends me straight off to sleep. The app is well made and the voice over and instructor are brilliant. If you’ve wanted to try yoga, get this app!

I hope you enjoyed reading my post, and I want to stress that I’m not a health and fitness expert. If you want to use any of these apps, particularly the Seven app, ease yourself into it rather than do the hardest classes and the most circuits straight off the bat, as you might hurt yourself! No joke, I pulled a muscle doing too much at once and it was not pleasant.

Have you used any of these apps? What are your favourite apps or tips? I’d love to know!

Alicia x


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