Review: Vichy Dermablend Foundation

20140702-111506-40506916.jpg Most of the time, I prefer a lighter coverage, but there are times I want full coverage. The Vichy Dermablend foundation offers full coverage, perfecting the skin instantly for 16 hour wear without being cakey. Vichy says it is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and fragrance free, so it’s great for sensitive skin. It retails for £17, although currently it’s £14.45 on the Escentual website.

I first bought this foundation after I had gotten rid of my acne as I wanted to cover up my hyper pigmentation that was left behind. I bought the lightest shade Opal and it was a pretty good match for my ‘winter’ colour. I read the instructions for the foundation which recommended you use your fingers to apply it as the warmth of your fingers helps it to blend. I have tried to apply it using a brush but it just doesn’t blend and sits on top of the skin (looked pretty dodgy in all honestly). When I applied it with my fingers, I noticed immediately that my skin looked virtually perfect and even though you’d associate a high coverage foundation with looking heavy, it didn’t look cakey. By no means did it look like I wasn’t wearing foundation, but it wasn’t any less natural looking than any other foundations. I wore it for the whole day and while I did need to touch up with powder, it was nothing too drastic.

I have also used this on my sister for her Prom, who does have acne, and it covered everything really well and looked awesome in her photos. She also has dry patches and she had to moisturise right before it was applied otherwise it clung to her dry patches. I had to layer the foundation on some parts of my sister’s face but it still looked nice and didn’t cake. It lasted the whole night and apparently everyone complimented her on how her skin looked.


  1. High coverage
  2. Doesn’t look cakey even when layered
  3. Long lasting


  1. Shade range isn’t great (only five shades)
  2. Clings to any dry patches

Let me know if you’ve tried this foundation or any other high coverage foundations. Hope you enjoyed reading!

– Alicia


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