Review: Skin79 BB Cream

20140701-203137-73897664.jpg When the craze for BB creams started a while back, I was interested to see what the products that set the whole craze off was like. The concept of having a foundation that actually benefits your skin while you wear it sounded like a brilliant idea. After watching a few YouTube videos, I decided on the Skin79 ‘Pink’ BB cream as it looked like a good all rounder. I ordered it off eBay from a seller that was recommended by a YouTuber (this was all so long ago that I have forgotten all the details!). I think I bought it for about £17 when you took into account the shipping. The BB cream promised to lighten hyper pigmentation and had a SPF of 50. Was it worth the hype or a bit of a damp squib?

When I first unboxed it, I noticed the packaging was a bit cheap looking, but I wasn’t expecting anything particularly fancy. I put a bit on the back on my hand and it was an odd colour; almost beige looking. When I first put it on, I noticed it had made my skin look grey. I honestly looked a bit ill, and I thought “great, £17 down the drain”! I left it on for about 10-15 minutes before removing it and noticed it had gone to a normal skin colour and that my skin looked healthier. It hadn’t covered everything, not by a long shot, but it seemed to improve the overall look of my skin. I wore it for the whole day and noticed that by the end of the day, it still looked pretty good. Now, I had to touch up with powder during the day on my t-zone, but that is normal for me. I carried on using it for a few days and decided that I did enjoy using it on a normal day.

As it doesn’t cover much, I wouldn’t use it before going out for an evening or something like that. I also wouldn’t use it if I knew a lot of pictures were going to be taken as I find it doesn’t look too good in flash photography (a bit too shiny for my liking). However, for day to day use, it’s a good little product. I used it a lot when travelling as it was quick to apply and the SPF included meant I knew I was being protected. Before I went travelling, I had only just got rid of my acne and was trying to reduce my hyper pigmentation, and I felt using this everyday was actually helping my skin look better. Due to the sheer coverage, it meant I could use it while I was pale at the start of the holiday and when I had a tan towards the end of the holiday, so it was pretty versatile to use. As you can see by the picture above, it has been well used as the writing has rubbed off! I would recommend with product if you’re a fan of BB creams and like a sheerer coverage.

Let me know if you have used it or any other BB creams!

– Alicia

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