Showin’ the Love: Revlon

20140701-192033-69633624.jpgIt’s time to show some love to the brands I use the most and show you guys which products I love to use. If I had to choose a favourite ‘drugstore’ brand, it would beRevlon, hands down. While their products are a bit more expensive than other brands, they are still a reasonable price and are worth the extra spend, in my humble opinion. Some of the Revlon products have achieved the holy grail status with me, particularly the foundations and lipsticks, and these will forever have a place in my make up collection. Below, I will provide swatches of the products I own and go in depth and let you know my honest thoughts about each of them.

Lip Products

20140701-192637-69997767.jpg Let’s start with the lip products. The lipsticks I like to use are the Colourburst Lipsticks. On the left is the shade Blush and on the right is Carnation. Now as you can probably guess, Blush gets more of the use. It is a natural colour that I think really flatters my skin tone, and puts a look together in a understated way. Carnation is a more of a summer shade when I want something a little more ‘jazzy’. These lipsticks go on really smooth and last for a pretty long time, although they don’t last through eating. However, as they aren’t matte colours or advertised for their long lasting properties, this is probably to be expected. I’m wearing the shade Blush in My Everyday Summer Make Up Routine tutorial if you want to see what the shade looks like. The pigmentation is awesome also; Carnation only needs one or two ‘coats’ to achieve the colour you seen in the tube.

20140701-193707-70627217.jpg Next for a mention is the Super Lustrous Glosses; the shade in the picture is called Natural. They retail in Boots at £6.99 each. I like pairing this colour with the Blush shade mentioned before. This is one of the first glosses I had owned and I liked it as it wasn’t sticky or gloopy, which was what had put me off buying lip glosses before. It also lasted pretty well and wore off evenly. Now as it is one of the first glosses I have bought, I don’t know what I could compare it against or if it is anything better than from other brands. However, if you find yourself near a Revlon stand, I’d give them a swatch and see what you think. If you want to see what this colour looks like, I’m wearing it in my My Everyday Summer Make Up Routine tutorial.

20140701-194539-71139977.jpg Now, this is a product you probably have heard of if you have watched a YouTube video or read a beauty blog; Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain in the shade Honey. They retail in Boots at £7.99 each. If I don’t use the ColourBurst lipstick mentioned above, I use this product. They are a pretty similar colour, but the staying power of this product is much better, as you might expect given the ‘stain’ part of the name. The stain it leaves behind is subtle and does build up the more you reapply this product. The stain is enough to look like you are wearing a lip product but with not much effort. That, in my book, is a very good thing!


20140701-195129-71489164.jpg The next product is a new one that I have added to my collection; Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown. They retail in a Boots for £6.99 each. I’m pretty new to doing anything with my brows and I like finding a quick way to do them, as otherwise it can be quite time consuming to do on a daily basis. This product is awesome as it is a two in one product, a pencil on one end and brow gel on the other. The pencil side has great pigmentation and lasts really well. I regularly wear it during my long shifts and it looks virtually the same when I get home. The gel is good too, and keeps my eyebrows pretty much in check, although my brows can be stubborn sometimes and they can fall back down. Again, I’m using this product in my everyday make up routine, linked above.

Base Products

20140701-200211-72131071.jpg Let’s talk base products. One of my favourite products, that I currently don’t have in my collection but will be repurchasing soon, is the Revlon ColourStay foundation for dry to normal skin in Buff. This foundation retails for £12.49 each at Boots. This is a holy grail foundation for me; it’s long lasting, has awesome coverage and looks as natural as foundation can look. The Revlon foundation that I have in my collection is another favourite; Revlon PhotoReady foundation in Vanilla, which retails for £12.99 at Boots. This is a ‘Night Out’ foundation for me as, the name might suggest, it looks awesome in photos. It has that ‘sparkle’ in it that reflects light back and perfects the skin in photos, but because of this sparkle I personally would not wear it on an average day as it can look a little strange. Like the ColourStay, it’s coverage is good and lasts a long time; even in a warm club for hours on end!

20140701-201146-72706181.jpg Cream blushes were a scary prospect for me not too long ago. However, when I saw this blush, the colour was too pretty to turn down. It retailed for £7.99 at Boots. While it looks a tad dark in the pot, it can be sheered down on the cheeks to a light wash of colour that is really flattering on the skin. It also lasts all day and as it is a cream it looks natural. I will definitely be trying more cream blushes in the future because of this product.

Phew, that was a bit of a long post. This isn’t all the products Revlon do, and there are still some things I want to try, but these are the ones I currently have and really enjoy using. I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know if you have any of these and what products you would recommend!

– Alicia


2 thoughts on “Showin’ the Love: Revlon

  1. cocobee1 says:

    I have to admit, I’m new to Revlon. I recently bought a Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain, a colourburst matte balm, a Super Lustrous Lipstick and finally a Lip Butter…love them all! Might have to check out Blush and Carnation 🙂

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