Review: Quick Fix Facials Face Masks

20140617-130110-46870940.jpg Face masks are a reasonably new avenue that I’ve started to explore. The Quick Fix Facials masks caught my eye as, honestly, they were on offer! They also had a lot of choice of different masks, from which I chose the Exfoliating Scrub Mask and the Brightening Peel mask. They also have moisturising masks, calming clay masks, anti-blemish masks and purifying masks. Was this one of those lucky discoveries, or a waste of money?

Let’s start with the Brightening Peel Mask. It has papaya extract, to help with skin cell turnover, mulberry extract to even out skin tone and goji berry to increase radiance. It was interesting to use a peel mask for the first time, but it was really fun to peel it off at the end. A bit like peeling PVA glue off your fingers after art lessons when I was kid (I wasn’t the only one who did that, was I?). Once I had peeled it off, my skin did look brighter and felt smoother. I noticed that after I had used it a few times that my hyper pigmentation scars looked a bit lighter too, which is always great to see in my book!

The Exfoliating Mask didn’t disappoint either. It has pink rose clay to cleanse skin, Glycolic Acid to balance skin tone, and pomegranate extract which apparently helps with ageing and has antioxidant properties. It is a very ‘gritty’ scrub and you could feel it exfoliating your skin while you used it. Due to the Glycolic Acid, it continues to exfoliate while you leave it on your face for 5 or so minutes after. When you wipe it off, your skin feels really smooth and does look much healthier. I also have a few stubborn blackheads on my nose, and this cleared them out no problem. The only thing I didn’t like was the smell, it has a strange scent, which is probably from the pink rose clay. Rose isn’t my favourite smell by any means, so if you like the smell of rose, then this will probably not bother you while using it.

All in all, I really liked both these masks and I am intrigued to try out the other masks they have. The masks are only £4.99 for x10 masks, so they are definitely worth a shot.

Hope you enjoyed reading, enjoy the rest of your day!

– Alicia


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